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Tips before ordering Sliders

We have thoroughly tried and tested our sliders on various floors: on carpet, wood, tiles, marble and Karndean using large dining tables, washing machines, fridges, sofas, chairs, beds, cabinets and literally anything fairly heavy round the house that's always been a pain to shift. We put the sliders on them and wow! What a difference this simple but effective product makes.

Our conclusion is that round sliders are better than any with a straight edge, they just seem to slide more smoothly which is particularly true on carpet. Hence we sell Round sliders. The three sizes we have chosen will deal with at least 95% of normal requirements.

To help you decide here are a few simple tips you may want read before ordering.

When selecting which is the right slider for you, always ensure that the slider is the same size or smaller than the furniture/appliance foot. When fitting make sure the surface of the foot is clean and dry before applying self-adhesive pad. This simple but amazing product really does work.

  • The 50mm sliders will cope with even the largest feet, such as a table with big square legs. Just put one in the middle of each leg and you are done.
  • If the foot is so big you don't feel happy with one slider, simply put two on.
  • The 30mm or 40mm sliders will do a perfect job on smooth surfaces, even when the item you are buying seems to have quite fat legs. The friction is just a tiny bit less than with a larger slider.
  • On carpet, if your item will take the 50mm slider then that seems to work a tiny bit better than a smaller slider.
  • Please don't buy a slider that is larger than the foot on which you are fixing it as that will leave some adhesive surface exposed and it will collect dirt and fluff.

These are not rules; they are just little tips to help you get the best value for your money. All sliders work fine on any surface, but there are minute differences on certain floors.

Buying Multiple Items

To buy multiples of items, please click on an add to cart button to add your item. This will take you to your cart, please then change the quantity number accordingly.

For a competitive quote to use sliders for large commercial applications please contact us.

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