With just a couple of weeks to go until the beginning of December and the start of Advent, have you thought about getting your Christmas decorations out?

If you are already planning your festive decor, have you considered the theme you’ll go with this year, or what new decorations you might need to buy? Of course, one of the most important elements is your Christmas tree.

For many people, fitting the tree into a focal point in a room will mean moving furniture around, so when you’re shopping for new baubles or lights, don’t forget to pick up some furniture gliders. These will make it simple to shift your sofa, chairs or any other heavy items around both when you’re decorating for Christmas and putting everything away in January.

If you need some inspiration for your decorations, it’s worth seeing what Pinterest has picked as its top Christmas trends for the year.

Ideal Home shared the list from the website, with asymmetrical wreaths one of the top choices this festive season. According to the news provider, searches for this kind of door decor are up 27 per cent this year on the platform.

Another thing to grow in popularity is a refresh of how to display your Christmas Day menu. Letter boards are apparently one of the top choices for people who want to have some fun this year and add an extra special touch.

Searches for letter board menus increased by a whopping 427 per cent, so there’s clearly a demand beyond weddings.

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