If you’ve left full-time higher education, chances are that you’re returning home and you’ll need to put time towards unpacking all your belongings back into your bedroom. However, you should consider that it’s not going to be the only time that you’re going to be moving your possessions around, and how furniture gliders could help you both then and when you plan to move out into your own home.

According to research from MoneySuperMarket (via the HuffPost), 36 per cent of adult children have moved back in with their parents to save for their own place. In fact, 25 per cent said they couldn’t afford rent, with 21 per cent who break up with their partner and seven per cent who lose their job said it could lead to them moving back home. Your tenses in the latter half of this sentence are muddled up.

If you’re planning to stay with your parents for the long term, then you’ll know that your bedroom won’t stay the same over time. You’ll want to redecorate it over time and shift your belongings around. In fact, you might even find that time spent in the room allows you to experiment for how your bedroom will eventually look in your home.

Dr Michael Muthukrishna, an assistant professor of economic psychology at the London School of Economics and Political Science, commented: “It used to be that a school qualification was enough to make a good living. Then it took a university degree or a short apprenticeship. Now it requires post-graduate degrees, internships and volunteer work – which can be unpaid – as well as on-the-job training.”

It’s expected that the average time spent living with your parents is just under a year, which is three months longer than most children want and six months more than the rents would expect. So, it might not be long before you’re packing your bags and moving your furniture back out of your room.

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