Who doesn’t find themselves incredibly frustrated when trying to put furniture together? It’s how a lot of domestic arguments are actually sparked! But now you could find it a lot easier to assemble your tables, cabinets, stools and more, all thanks to furniture giant Ikea.

The Swedish company has just brought out a set of home furnishings that features a wedge dowel joint, which makes it a lot easier and quicker to put its wooden products together, Dezeen reports. What’s more, the need for screwdrivers, nails and bolts have been done away with altogether!

Speaking to the news source, range and supply manager with Ikea Jesper Brodin said: “Ikea furniture typically contains quite a lot of fittings. We see some challenges in the time and interest in doing that. So we thought, what happens if we try to take them out totally? We are now in the implementation phase of making it possible for you to click your furniture together.”

It sounds good to us here at Easy Slides! Anything that makes it quicker and easier for you to achieve your dream house is fine by us. Remember, however, that you’ll need to protect your floors even from furniture that clicks together in no time.

Wooden floors are very contemporary but they can be scuffed and marked very quickly by moving furniture around, so do all you can to protect your flooring by using furniture moving pads. You simply stick the right size slider onto the feet of your furniture and you’ll find your floors stay mark-free!

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